12 Aral Zabun Elektrik New Company Opened

Zabun Elektrik New Company Opened

Zabun Elektrik New Store, which has been serving in Ismetpaşa District, Journalist Ali Celik Street in Kahramanmaraş city center for about 8 years and owned by İbrahim Zabun, was presented to service with a ceremony held today. Bahçelievler Neighborhood, Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Boulevard 33, the opening ceremony of the store is offered to serve; Deputy Governor Hüseyin Kürşat Kırbıyık, Kahramanmaraş Mayor Mustafa Poyraz, AKP Provincial Chairman Atıf Şirikçi, 22nd term AKP deputy Hanefi Mahçiçek, some apartment managers, HES Cable General Manager Bekir Iraq, chamber presidents and a large number of invited guests attended. Ibrahim Zabun, who spoke at the ceremony and was also the chairman of the Electrician's Chamber at Kahramanmaras, said:

As in all sectors; Service in the electricity sector is the front-end and companies gain customer satisfaction with the services they make. In order to do this, you need a proper working area as you appreciate. We are delighted to open this store, which we have organized to rise from this philosophy, with years of experience and with the help of our wide product range, to further enhance the quality of our service and serve our wider customer base. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to you dear friends who share this pride with us. Kahramanmaras and its valuable people are honored to serve. Then, at the ceremony, the opening ribbon of the store; Kırbıyık, Poyraz, Şirikçi and Mahçiçek were together. Girls visiting Imam Hatip High School in 4 floors were informed about the store from İbrahim Zabun who was also member of AKP Municipal Assembly and other interested people.

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